We believe we have the power to make the world a better place. We all do. We just have to take responsibility and act upon it.

Fair Profit for people and planet

We believe we have the power to make the world a better place. We all do. We just have to take responsibility and act upon it. Every day we can make the change.

We are used to throwing away materials and having idling machinery. In every industry we shred or store equipment we no longer use, because they are inadequate. We often need more capacity, better efficiency to run our business. Demands are driven by our own prosperity, whereby the difference between convenience and necessity is blurred.

It is based on linear thinking and acting which does not suffice any more.

In times where we have to face climate change, a growing world population and an increasing migration problem, we have to act differently. We already feel the consequences: natural disasters like extreme droughts, hurricanes, floods and tsunamis are becoming the ‘new normal’. We face upcoming food and water shortages.

To prevent exhausting our earth completely, we have to act.

Circular systems help solve these huge challenges by applying (renewable energy) components, helping communities build their own economy and improving their education, health care and housing. We help them to be independent and self-sufficient.

We can help to provide them with a sustainable and stable home, while we reduce CO2 production and decrease waste.  To help people create prosperity in their own environment  by using knowledge and high-quality materials to have fair profit for people and planet.

We strongly believe, we can make the change.

That is why we started Fair Profit.

Men with a mission


Martin Korteschiel


Our earth is a living thing and we need to be in contact with it to survive, so it can provide us without exhaustion. It’s the basis of Nature Capital.


Richard Stockmann

CEO and founder

The world is changing, making steps to go about our resources and materials differently. A big shift is taking place. And not too soon: our biggest problems require doing things differently, otherwise they will spiral out of control. And they’ll take us to the point of no return.


Thierry Patje


‘Society, that’s you.’ That quote applies to everybody. I feel I have to act on it. The world is just to unique a place to waste.


Richard Stockmann, CEO and founder

Around 25 Years ago, the world was not ready for sustainable, circular thinking. I am relieved people think differently about reusing and resourcing now. It is about time too!

Back then, society was based on linear economy. Working in the demolition and recycling industry I saw the wrongs, the chances and possibilities. I realized how we could help to stop exhausting the earth.

Recycling was in its infancy. We were used to old technology. Machinery and material that no longer served us we disposed of or stored, never to use again. I started my business with all my experience of the demolition and recycling industry in my pocket. And with a purpose: stopping exhausting our planet and contribute to making the world a better place in the future. I wanted to change people’s ways of working, but the idea of sustainability and circular systems, repurposing components, was found too farfetched at the time. I had to stop my business, but the idea always lingered in the back of my mind, waiting for the right time.

Almost 25 years later, the time is here. The world is changing. We are taking steps to treat our resources and materials differently. A big shift is taking place and soon our biggest global problems require doing things differently, otherwise they will spiral out of control. And they will take us to the point of no return.

And I am even better equipped and more ready than ever, with 30 years of experience in operational-, project-, change- and people management. In strategy and implementation, business- and organization development, project support in civil works, infrastructure and energy (medium and high voltage).

I started Fair Profit with the full support of my wife and I continued searching for more people who shared my views and mission. People who wanted to make this work. Together, bringing in knowledge from different angles, complementing each other.

I found them. Or perhaps they found me:

  • Martin Korteschiel (CFO of Fair Profit) accompanied me as business partner, having a background in business administration and energy.
  • Thierry Patje (COO of Fair Profit) became our business partner with a background in energy and project management.

These gentlemen are no strangers to me. We have been  colleagues for many years, working with passion, loyalty and perseverance. And never losing our sense of humor. Together we have the will to overcome the biggest challenges we currently face.

Our business model is based on social entrepreneurship, making the world a better place.

The difference between an ideology and Fair Profit is action


Martin Korteschiel, CFO

Follow your gut feeling. It leads to the wisest answers

It is time to go back to connect to our natural environment.. Our earth is a living thing and we need to preserve it in order for it to  survive; so it can continue to provide us with natural resources without exhaustion. It is the basis of Nature Capital.

Therefore our mindset needs to change and the way how we use the planet. We can contribute to achieve this change by operating circular. Circular systems stimulate sustainability and make this world a better place. For us and next generations.

It is my personal goal to balance social, ecological and economical interests and help develop sustainable business in the short and the long run.

I am a results-oriented interim manager and entrepreneur within the energy sector. My experiences are in business administration related to the energy sector.

With more than 30 years of experience within the energy sector, I have held various coordinating and steering positions. Just like Thierry, I have experience in supervising complex multidisciplinary projects in the field of high voltage.

From a broad perspective, knowledge and experience I am able to make a solution-oriented contribution to the energy transition with a focus on the circular economy. It can always be better for me! Always looking for opportunities and being able to connect with the right people.

Richard is founder of the corporate philosophy of Fair Profit. He is the creative mind. Thierry is our project manager and operational, technical and organizing talent.. I am the CFO and ICT manager, making sure Fair Profit’s needs will be provided for. Combined we make Fair Profit strong to accomplish what we stand for: a better place to live and thrive.

Thierry Patje, COO

Do not postpone until tomorrow what you can do today

I have been confronted with several environmental issues in my work and daily life. Helping and making the change had been lingering in the back of my mind for a while, wondering where are we going to with our planet. So when Richard approached me I was convinced instantly. The severe consequences of climate change, required regulations to reduce CO2 production and The Climate Agreement is important to me;  same for the waste in the food industry and food requirements in the future. These are all topics which made me think about my contribution to make a change.

I heartedly consented in playing my part in Fair Profit and the ambition to help make the world better instead of exhausting it. We embraced Richard’s ambition and took the challenge to further develop Fair Profit.
This ambition needs faith, courage and conviction to really make a difference.
We do have that. Looking at the exhaustion of our planet worldwide, I feel the urgency to achieve any change even more. Basically it is in all our interest to start changing.

My experience includes managing large projects in petrochemical industry and infra technique, construction of factories for refinery, building highway roads and maintaining bridges and tunnels. In the power industry my experience involves counselling about high voltage, including design, realization and dsupply. Multidisciplinary projects, containing UAV an UAV-GC. Enough knowledge and experience to perform, deliver and to run a company.

Richard is the visionary and CEO of Fair Profit. Martin and I have more than 60 years of experience in the energy industry together.

In Fair Profit I’m the COO.

I did not want to wait for society to act.

‘Society, that is you and me.’ That quote applies to everybody. I feel I have to act on it. The world is a unique place and circular economy solutions are the way forward.

Agreed? Are you with us?

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